Spy Party

Give a story to the whole event. Like 'The case of the missing bags' or 'The mission to save the cake' or 'The race to save the birthday'. I, personally, like the first one where the kids will search for their goodie bags.

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Let’s put the ART in Party!!!

Art and Craft has always been my favourite pastime. So much so that even my son is inclined towards it, although in his own peculiar way. He keeps on making Avenger’s tools and weapons using just everything he can find. Cardboard, Jenga blocks, newspaper, tape, his Mechanix blocks. He even used wheat dough (atta) once to make ‘infinity stones’ out of it. Luckily, we were invited to a party like this on his cousin’s birthday in 2017. Here is a list of all the activities she arranged along with some new ideas.

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