Worried about return gifts? Don’t be …

Whether you accept or not but every little guest looks forward to opening the gift he/she has got from the party. It doesn’t matter whether it’s big or small, cheap or expensive. What matters is that he/she has got something new and that too after so much fun. So, here are some ideas which you may incorporate in your planning.

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Magic Tricks Party

An abra ca dabra birthday. I have gone to tons of birthday parties where a frail looking man with a black top hat and a wand, shows some overly repetitive magic tricks. Although the younger kids seem to say ooh and aah over it, the older guys just roll their eyes as if they just know how the trick is done.

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Birthday Party on wheels

If you are one of those moms who wont mind spending a few bucks but want a unique experience for your guests and your kid then do look into this option. This is basically a party in bus. It is meant for smaller age group only because the bus is filled with entertainment like ball pool, slide, wobnly mirrors, soft obstacle course, rollers, small zipline, squeeze etc.

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Masterchef Kitchen

I have a penchant for cooking, but not the usual indian meals. But the more extraordinary cuisines such as arabian pita bread, japanese sushis, chinese momos, italian pasta, mexican and so on. Of course every item is made once in a few months or so. Anyways, one of my cousins wanted to host a party for her 10 year old boy and she called me to help. I am a little bit crazy. So i pitched in.. not to suggest and help her but to wholly take the reigns of her party in my hands. I decided that since the gender rules are changing, why not try a cooking themed party for her son.

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Movie evening

Younger kids might want to watch some animated or comedy movie while the older ones would love some sci-fi flick like avengers or star wars. It all depends on the kids’ interest.

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Picnic on the farm

This is one of my favourite themes. I will tell you why. I live in a crowded metropolitan city. So fresh air and open spaces are a treat for us. And these open spaces are very far from the city.

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Big Bag of Story Lines for Escape Room Party

I am sure you must have heard some short introduction before entering the escape room. But this is much more than that. If you want to plan a party at home, you need to have a complete story with start, middle and the final goal. Because, believe me, however good your execution part is, the puzzles and surroundings will never be at par with the professional escape rooms. But don’t lose heart. This will be as much fun in planning as well as playing. 

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Junior Scientist Party

This time he really wanted to invite his school friends. I was scandalised. I am one of those moms who only have a courteous hi, hello kind of relationship with son’s school friends’ moms. To host a party with so many kids along with their parents horrified me. Not the expense or food, but making small talk with other parents just no no no.

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