A mouse and A birthday

I woke up earlier than usual so that I can finish off the sweeping and cleaning of the rooms and can blow up the balloons before she wakes up. I put up the rajma to boil, dusted, swept and also finished mopping the living room. Then, suddenly out of the blue I saw a small brown ball rolling and going under the sofa. Initially I thought it was a TT ball that Kabir plays with. But the colour was different. I usually do not move the heavy furniture to clean, but then, today I had to. Again I saw the ball rolling with the speed of a bullet and going under another sofa. That's it. It was a little mouse. Very good. I had just finished cleaning.

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Peppa Pig’s Birthday

My daughter (2) and niece (3) are just mad over Peppa pig. My daughter makes snorting noises whenever she wakes up. “Good morning.. (snort)”. When she is watching peppa pig, she makes grunting noises when peppa introduces her family members. So, I am thinking why not plan a Peppa Pig themed birthday party for her, this year. This kids’ show focuses on fun and curiosity. So these will be the main elements of our party too.

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Let’s put the ART in Party!!!

Art and Craft has always been my favourite pastime. So much so that even my son is inclined towards it, although in his own peculiar way. He keeps on making Avenger’s tools and weapons using just everything he can find. Cardboard, Jenga blocks, newspaper, tape, his Mechanix blocks. He even used wheat dough (atta) once to make ‘infinity stones’ out of it. Luckily, we were invited to a party like this on his cousin’s birthday in 2017. Here is a list of all the activities she arranged along with some new ideas.

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Lockdown mein Party?

We have very eccentric neighbours, backdoor neighbours to be accurate. They are always throwing parties. Whenever we are about to sleep, Boom! Loud music. It won’t be wrong to say…

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