Potato Wedges American Style

I made potato wedges for my daughter's birthday party and they turned out ro be far more crispier amd tastier than normal french fries. The upside? They can be stored in freezer for upto a week in advance and leave you free on the D- day. Also they can be baked and not fried for the health benefits.

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9 Virtual Gift Ideas in Lockdown

I have made so many innovative personalized gifts for my spouse and relatives that letting go this year without any, would be such a bore. So, here is my compilation of what you can gift amidst this lockdown which won’t be heavy on your pocket too. After all, gifts are about feelings!!

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The easiest Homemade Pizza

Nothing beats homemade, fresh from the oven, pizza as party food. we have made pizza many times at home, but never with the stale bread bases bought from market. we make the dough at home. This time we even made the pizza sauce at home.

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