Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day

These online classes have seriously taken a toll on teachers.. And I am not saying this because I myself am an Assistant professor; but because I have seen my son’s school teachers work hard every single day in this pandemic, to bring a smile on our kids’ faces.

Creating case studies and tests to gauge students, making sure the questions are such that they don’t cheat; explaining the same concept 50 times because one student’s network is at fault; preparing presentations and new interactive videos everyday; calling, emailing, sending whatsapp to each student for every class they miss; uploading all the content on drive, college website daily, and mailing too; correcting the answer sheet whether they are scanned or just a blurred jpg format and then sending feedback to each individual student; replying to each query of each parent on whatsapp; learning new tools at regular intervals – teams, moodle, classroom, collaborative editors and more; not to forget the administrative task of admissions, organising seminars etc; online staff meetings, councils; basically being available 24×7. All this on top of the household responsibilities one has, since we are at home. Even I have taken a few classes with my little one sleeping in my lap. 

So its time for teachers to party. Yes, It’s that day of the year again. 

Here is my take to stop teacher’s burnout in these times.

SMILE – It sounds simple yet so difficult with so much work pressure. If you are truly burnt out, a smile changes your body chemistry and will spark something inside to keep you from fizzling out.

LAUGH – and I mean, wildly. It is healthy and it is contagious.

EXERCISE – You have to take out time for your health.

TAKE A DAY OFF – This doesn’t mean don’t take classes. But just engage kids in some fun games instead of only the syllabus. This will make life easier for them also. Students are also tensed the same way we are. Don’t correct assignments for a day. Don’t create new quizzes. Spend time with family. Watch Netflix. 

SLOW DOWN – If you can’t take a day off. Just slow down. Take a coffee break. Have tea with your loved ones. share jokes. Just sit and stare out of the balcony. Breathe.

SLEEP – Set a curfew for a few days and sleep on that time. Put away the mobile. Your brain will thank you for that.

“Don’t fret. You WILL survive this year too”



P.S. The above is not only meant for the teachers, but all the moms and dads who will always be the first guru that life has given us.

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