Unique Gifts for Men who have Everything

Unique Gifts for Men who have Everything

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Whether it’s Father’s Day, Husband’s birthday, Brother’s graduation party or a colleague’s housewarming; it’s usually hard to find a gift for men. It seems like they already have everything they want. Men are simple creatures and tend to buy what they wish for. This makes it all the more hard to buy something for them.

So, I have tried to make a list of not-so straightforward but delightful gifts which I wanted to share with you. So, here is the list categorised based on their personality. Please excuse if I have left something out and do leave a comment for that. I would love to extend my list.

For the Sports – Lover

Chances are, he already has all the accessories for his favourite sport.
So, what could be a good gift?

  1. Tickets to his favourite sports event.
  2. A personalised jersey or socks with his favourite team’s logo on it.
  3. Put on a recorded video of his favourite event and call his friends over to watch it together.

For the Gadget – Passionate

I guess most of the men fall in this category.

  1. If he is into cars and gadgets. Buy a subscription of magazines with latest news on trending electronics. You might also get ideas for his next birthday.
  2. This is somewhat crazy but fun. A LED shower. You may buy them online.
  3. A drone. Comes in every budget and will definitely be loved by him
  4. A new hairdryer or trimmer for his daily grooming.

For the Music – Lover

So, he may already have headphones. He may have best speakers in the world. Airpods, too. Don’t worry, there are still some things which you can gift.

  1. Buy tickets to a concert of his favourite singer. The best gift.
  2. Make a playlist of his favourite songs. Or if you have a good voice, record those songs in your own voice for him.
  3. Create a rendition of your first song together or search for soulful renditions by new singers. Coke studio is a very nice option.
  4. Karaoke machine. Plug in and sing away. 
  5. A music instrument which he wanted to learn, but never got the time.

For the Gamer

Hmmm. So, he can’t keep his hands off the video game remote? Then these gifts are for him only.

  1. Of course, a new video game. What else?
  2. A subscription box which he can play alone as well as in group.
  3. Lounge pants for those gaming marathon days. One just cannot have enough.

For the Bookworm

If he is into books, chances are, he still reads books the traditional way. 

  1. Gift him a kindle. Or if he already has one, gift him an yearly subscription of ebooks.
  2. An audio book if he commutes by car for major portion of the day.
  3. A new pen. Any day. Any time. Fountain pens are more elegant and loved.
  4. A subscription for yearly supply of his favourite magazine or digest.

For the Handyman

He does most of the repairing around the house and you love him for that. Show your love by gifting him something nice.

  1. Is he looking for a specific tool? A drill perhaps? You may have to get specific directions from him. Men are very choosy in these things
  2. If he doesn’t have a complete tool kit, het him the best one. Take help from his buddies or just simply ask him.
  3. A Swiss knife or a credit card multipurpose tool is also a nice option.
  4. If there is some leftover project, for which he is not getting the time to complete, you can help him with that.

For the Health – freak

Get up. Get going. Workout with him. But, a gift is a gift.

  1. A quirky t-shirt or tracksuit for working out.
  2. A bicycle. Best option for exercising with fresh air.
  3. An egg boiler.
  4. A new gym membership. ( gift this only if the previous one is going to expire)
  5. Portable blender for protein shakes and fruit smoothies.
  6. A new set of dumbbells or any exercising equipment.

For the Lazy One

He likes to rest and he does it in style. Gift him something he would love.

  1. The first thing that came to my mind is lounge pants. Comfortable and relaxing specially in this hot weather.
  2. Alexa or google assistant. He won’t need to look for remote now.
  3. An online course such as on Udemy. Something for which he is passionate about, but never got around to doing. Eg. Learn guitar.
  4. House cleaning service.
  5. Spa day at home.

For the Romantic One

Turn the tables. Surprise him this time. Put in more effort to let him know that he is loved.

  1. A customised book on ‘100 reasons why I love you’. Can be easily made on lovebookonline.com. Look at my version here.
  2. A personalised newspaper with all his little stories and wishes from near and dear ones.
  3. A romantic playlist with songs of your courtship period.
  4. Photobook or smart photo frames. You may find loads of websites providing photobooks at low cost. But please look for reviews first. My personal favourites are vistaprint and zoomin.
  5. A handmade greeting card. Make it special.
  6. A gift box with bath accessories like soap, shower gel, perfumes etc.

For the Movie – Buff

I, myself am one. So, I know the excitement when a new movie is about to release. And the fragrance of freshly made popcorn. Yum! Choose a gift from the following.

  1. All the subscriptions you can get. Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Zee5, Voot, every single one. He will love you for that.
  2. Gift card for PVRs or BookMyShow. Although the future of multiplexes is uncertain at this point of time.
  3. A personalised popcorn tub for his snacking needs.
  4. Anti-glare glasses.

For the Chef

During this lockdown, more and more men are trying their hands on culinary delights. And they are nailing it. So, hone their skills by gifting them these –

  1. A new cutting board and knife like the one above. It makes the chopping experience heavenly.
  2. Help him make his favourite dessert or his favourite meal on the special day.
  3. A Barbeque griller. For those rainy days when you listen to the pitter patter and enjoy a grilled tikka. 
  4. A kitchen scale (weighing machine). Very useful for these new lockdown-made chefs.
  5. Kitchen cleaning service
  6. Personalised apron with a quirky message.

For the Fun – Loving or Adventurous Kind

He is happy. He is fun. And he is excited like a kid most of the time.

  1. I know this is crazy but a lighted shower or a lighted LED toilet seat is just the kind of, out of the box idea, you may need.
  2. A caricature or a bobble head figurine of him. 
  3. Quirky t-shirts or mugs or keychains.
  4. A coupon booklet with all the love you can fit in.
  5. A surprise weekend getaway.
  6. A pre-planned activity like paragliding or hot air balloon ride.
  7. Online magic lessons, if he has the patience to sit through.

For the Workaholic

Most men love to work even at home. So, give them something with which they can relax simultaneously.

  1. A Computer Table. Prevents neck and back pain to a great extent.
  2. Anti glare glasses if he works too much on screen.
  3. A personalised coffee mug for those late night presentations. Of course, you would have to make the coffee.
  4. A fountain pen. Anytime. Anywhere.

Think about what would make him happy. What would make him excited.
Mix and match. Combine the gifts. Make a gift basket or a goody bag. 
Does he collect anything? Add to his collection. Buy accessories for his hobbies. For grandads, gift a framed picture of his grandkids with him. DIY stuff and voila!

You have cracked the code of gifting for men. Cheers!!



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